Nothing about the attack happened the way it was supposed to…

The first sign I had that I was in trouble was when the gun
was jammed into my ribs and I saw him in front of me.

I still don’t know if that’s what broke my rib,
or if it was what came next…

I knew he was yelling something at me, but I couldn’t hear it and I couldn’t quite accept what was happening.

I kept thinking I’d wake up and realize I’d been dreaming.

But it wasn’t a dream.

And they weren’t patient.

home-breakinI realized he wasn’t alone when his buddy slapped me on the side of my head from behind. Damn, that hurt.

To make matters worse, they started pulling and shoving me.

I kept thinking, “Rick! This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen.”

I’d been shooting for decades and had my concealed carry permit for years. I was a darn good shot and knew I could clear leather and put 2 rounds on target at 21 feet in under a second and a half on a good day…concealed was a little longer, but still respectable.

Only these guys weren’t even 21 INCHES away, let alone 21 feet and I remember thinking, “How many shots could he get into me in 1.5 seconds?”

I didn’t like the answer.

I could see the love of my life beyond the guy with the gun, hand over her mouth, staring in shock at what was happening. I knew I had to protect her, but how?

Another slap to the head, and the gun jammed harder into my ribs. My head was spinning, both in confusion and from the hits.

I suddenly realized that all of the square range gun training, practice, and competition I’d done had FAILED me.

I couldn’t hear them, but the voice in my head was mocking, “Nice one, Rick…way to be prepared.”

It would have been great if I found myself at the OK Corral and the bad guys announced their evil intentions when they were 21 feet away, but this was real life and Mr. Murphy had shown up to lay down the law.

I didn’t have a clue on how to use my gun on these guys without getting shot, stabbed, or beat to a pulp before I could get the first shot off.

And I still didn’t know what they wanted…just that they were mad that I wasn’t figuring it out.

I couldn’t move other than to keep my balance, and I wasn’t doing a very good job at that. And my shaking legs and the butterflies in my stomach weren’t helping.

I didn’t know what to do.

All of the training I’d done…it was all SO different than this.

static-shootingI’d never been slapped in the head from behind by a paper target.

I still couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I could see his lips moving and the food stuck between his yellow teeth. His breath was so bad it was a weapon all by itself. And I remember seeing the spittle from his mouth flying through the air in slow motion and feeling it hit my face. Ugh.

Square range training hadn’t prepared me for this.

I’d always planned on being able to defend myself with my gun. I guess it had become my magic talisman. My laser blaster. My instant, end-all solution to self-defense problems, no matter how bad.

As long as I had it with me, I felt safe…confident that my ability to shoot paper would translate to a self-defense situation. And now I had no idea how to even get my gun into the fight.

When I practiced shooting multiple attackers at the range they were all downrange. I’d never had to shoot one target, turn 180 degrees, and shoot another.

I was so out of my comfort zone. And it wasn’t the time to be trying something for the first time. Especially with the love of my life just beyond bad guy #1. I HAD to protect her.

“Come on, Rick…solve the problem!”

I just wanted to do something familiar and comfortable. Something I’d done before that I could do again. Something that I knew I could pull off.


“OK, Rick” I thought “I can think my way through this.”

Guns stop working if you’re too close to your target when you shoot, right? I think I read that somewhere.

I wondered what I’d do if the first shot didn’t stop the guy in front of me? If the gun did malfunction, how much more damage could they do in the seconds it would take me to clear the malfunction and get the gun back in the fight?

I remembered that I needed to do something about retention when I turned so the guy behind me didn’t take the gun, but even though I’d read about it and talked about it with friends, I hadn’t actually practiced it yet.

I don’t know what happened with the 3rd hit to the head, but when I could see again, I was laying on the ground and my rib was burning…obviously broken now.

Great…10 seconds in and I’d been hit in the head 3 times, had a broken rib, and was laying on the ground with my gun still holstered with 2 serious bad guys standing over me.

I could see my wife running towards us. That wasn’t good.

The good news was that now I could see that Turd #1 didn’t have a gun…it was a stick of some sort that he’d jammed into my ribs to make me think it was a gun. I realized that I had a chance.

Now that I was on the ground, I had a whole new set of questions that I didn’t know how to answer.

I’d worked with my gun from the ground once or twice. All I could remember is how awkward it was and how I had told myself that I needed to do that more—I never did. Which left me wondering…

What’s the fastest way to draw and get rounds on target from the ground?

Could I roll and shoot without shooting myself?

Do I fight from the ground or get up?

The angle’s going to suck to shoot center of mass, what do I do?

I knew I wanted to get back to my feet at some point, but should I shoot while I’m getting up or get up as fast as possible and then shoot?

It’s not like I had extra ammo or a second chance if I picked wrong. I needed hits…fast, effective hits, and I needed to get away. But first, I needed to get into the fight.

I KNEW I’d read about situations like this and knew the information was floating around in my head somewhere, but why couldn’t I remember it? It’s like I was in a final exam and my mind went blank. Poof! All of my head knowledge was gone and all I could remember is what I’d physically done before and none of it fit the situation.

They say that you’ll perform half as well in a self-defense situation as you do in practice, but I’d never been able to practice anything like this. I don’t know what half of zero is, but I think it’s bad.

I kept reaching for something…anything in my memory that I’d practiced and was good at that would help here. But nothing about this was remotely like standing at a range, focusing on fundamentals and shooting holes in paper.

Why hadn’t I actually practiced this kind of stuff? Why hadn’t I practiced for reality?

I suddenly found myself furious.

Furious at all of the paper targets I’d been so happy about shooting. Furious that the “realistic” shooting competitions I’d done hadn’t prepared me for this, and furious at not having trained in a 360 degree environment.

Then everything went black. Reality bit me in the ass and it was all my fault. If only I’d trained for reality instead of just training to shoot paper.

I just hope she was able to get away… (I'll tell you what happened to Rick and his bride in a minute, but first I want to tell you how you can avoid finding yourself in the same situation Rick found himself in.)

Gunfights don’t happen at 21 feet…most start at bad breath distance and you’ve got to fight just to get to your gun.

You might be sitting, running to cover, or trying to get between danger and a loved one.

But I can guarantee that you’re not going to be looking at a paper target on a well-lit range, waiting for the signal to “go.”

Gunfights involve movement.

Moving and shooting that you can’t even practice on a traditional live fire range, because it’s just too dangerous and the stakes are too high.

But it’s exactly the kind of running and gunning skills that will tip the scales in your favor in a gunfight.

Ox here, from Dry Fire Training Cards, Tactical Firearms Training Secrets, and The Journal of Tactics and Preparedness…

You see, the root of the word “gunfight” is “fight.”

And I’ve never seen a fistfight where 2 fighters square off, plant their feet, and stay motionless while their opponent repeatedly strikes them.

In real life, fights = movement. LOTS of movement. And gunfights are NO DIFFERENT.

Gunfights go from standing to rolling on the ground, fighting from the ground, and fighting your way back up again.

There’s fighting to your gun, moving to cover, shooting around cover, twisting, turning, keeping your balance, and other dynamic movement…all while putting accurate rounds on target...and it all happens in a matter of seconds.

And it’s time your training reflected the reality of how real fights happen.

And that’s why I’m excited to tell you about Dry Fire Fit.

Dry Fire Fit was inspired by feedback from the 50,000+ shooters who bought Dry Fire Training Cards, gave them rave reviews, and demanded more.

Dry Fire Fit will help you train for realistic, dynamic, 360 degree self-defense shooting scenarios in the comfort of your own living room, no matter what your fitness and mobility level is.

They’re drills that build on solid fundamentals and could very well mean the difference between success and failure in a gunfight.

Tell me if what I’m about to say rings true…

When you train on a live fire range, there are strict safety measures in place to make sure that you don't leave with any extra holes. (This is good)

But there are some HUGE limitations of old school live fire range training, namely:

  • Old school, square range training won’t let you engage targets to the side or behind you.
  • Old school live fire range training won’t let you combine empty hands combattives with fighting to your gun.
  • Old school range training won’t let you punch your muzzle through the target if that happens to be quicker than reloading or fixing a malfunction.
  • Old school range training won’t let you practice being knocked to your butt and fighting your way back to standing while engaging attackers with your pistol.
  • Old school range training won’t let you push the envelope on your balance and speed to the point where your balance and/or technique fails, because it would simply be too dangerous to do with a live weapon. Instead, you’re left to figure out your limits, on the fly, in the middle of a fight for your life.

These are all situations that are likely in a lethal force encounter.

And these are all complex motor skills that you have to actually DO.  It's great to think through these skills, and mental imagery is great, but it has to be combined with physically going through the motions to really work.

You might be able to fake your way through a Facebook conversation with what you know in your head, but all that matters in a fight is what you've actually done with your body.

Once the fight starts, you’ve either got the muscle memory or you don’t. It’s a pass/fail test, and the cost of failure in a gunfight is too much to imagine.

You might get lucky, and I’d rather be lucky than good, but, like most warriors, I’m betting you’d REALLY rather stack the deck in your favor as much as humanly possible with realistic training drills like what you’ll find in Dry Fire Fit.

Dry Fire Fit will help you:

  • Learn to move and shoot so you’ll avoid being where the bullets are going.
  • Recover from being knocked to the ground quicker.
  • Get to cover faster when bullets start flying.
  • Get your sights on target faster and be comfortable shooting from unconventional positions.
  • Fight to your gun.
  • Program your mind to turn your gun into an impact weapon when it runs dry.
  • Integrate fighting with your feet and support hand while drawing and deploying your pistol (and help you learn to do it in a way that you don’t shoot yourself).
  • Quickly get off accurate shots after being disoriented.
  • Strengthen the specific muscle groups necessary for optimal recoil control.
  • Get your gun into the fight faster from the non-optimal positions that we find ourselves in throughout the day, like sitting (at home, at work, in your car, or at a restaurant)
  • Increase your accuracy and muzzle safety while running, shuffling, standing up, turning around, kicking, punching, and more.
  • Put accurate rounds on target, even when your muscles are shaking, you’re out of breath, and your fingers aren’t responding the way you’d like.
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Most importantly, Dry Fire Fit drills will get you comfortable moving and using solid shooting fundamentals in a high-speed, 360 degree environment.

There are drills that range in intensity from easy to extreme.

They’re designed to help you dramatically improve your ability to shoot from non-standard positions and situations, regardless of whether you’re a 20-something Crossfit monster or someone who’s banged up from arthritis and a lifetime of injuries and surgeries.

Roughly ¼ of the drills are designed so that almost anyone can do them.

¼ of the drills will be easy for shooters with good mobility, but may be a challenge for shooters with movement limitations.

The other half of the drills are either “hard” or “extreme” and these will challenge your strength, coordination,
and balance while helping you develop solid fundamentals from fluid, dynamic, and unstable shooting positions…positions like what you might find yourself in in real life.

In fact, these drills will push you BEYOND what you’re likely to encounter in real life so that any situation you find yourself in will be familiar and comfortable.

They’re designed so that regardless of whether you can only do 5-10 of the drills or 50+, you’ll get a solid value for your training dollar with Dry Fire Fit cards.

You’ll be shooting upside down, at the ceiling, and 360 degrees around you while standing, laying, kneeling, rolling, running, shuffling, and more.

Fair warning…It’s because of this movement, the unstable positions you’ll find yourself shooting from, and the fact that we’ll be pushing the envelope of how you can safely move with a gun that it’s too dangerous to use a real gun, even an unloaded real gun, when doing Dry Fire Fit drills.

That means you need to use a SIRT laser pistol, a plastic/rubber blue gun, a toy gun (yes… cheap toy guns with good sights WILL work), or an airsoft gun with a plugged barrel. One of the plastic toy guns that I have practiced with for the last 6 years cost me $3, so you don’t have to break the bank to be safe.

Even so, if you can afford it, I highly suggest that you get a SIRT laser training pistol. They’re tough, rugged, realistic training pistols that shoot a visible laser out the muzzle every time you press the trigger. This allows you to have instant visual feedback on how well you’re shooting and what weak spots need extra help.

A SIRT will pay for itself in the first couple of weeks…or even the first few days for a shooter who’s serious about mastering their craft.

So, how much are they?

$17 & FREE Shipping (That’s less than a single box of practice ammo from your local big box store)

These cards printed on high-end poker card stock so they’ll fit almost anywhere and are durable enough to last a lifetime.

Dry Fire is a Proven Technique
for Achieving EXTREME Levels
of Speed, Accuracy, and Precision.

That’s why America’s elite military service academies choose to use dry fire fit training, as well as Army Special Forces (My brother is an 18A), the Navy SEAL BUD/S program (several of the drills come from Retired Team 3 SEAL, Larry Yatch), and Marine Force Recon (some of the drills come from former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham) and more.

Dry Fire Fit will give you more realistic shooting drills that you can’t practice on a live fire range than any other product on the market. They’re fun, compact and easy to use…

And at a price you can afford.

What you’re really buying here is a training system that can help you perform at the level you need to with a weapon—no matter how stressful the situation or what the circumstances may be.

What’s that worth?

People currently pay thousands of dollars for ammo and training only to have their skills peter out unless they’re maintained.

Those skills are worth thousands of dollars and Dry Fire Fit will not only help keep them sharp… they can even help you improve on them.

But here’s the thing… these cards are expensive to produce in the US unless I shell out the money and pre-order thousands of decks just to get good pricing.

But through the years, I’ve always slept good at night knowing that I provide my customers with a LOT of value for their dollar.

I want to get Dry Fire Fit card into the market, and help as many of my fellow shooters as possible, so I’m pricing these reasonably at $17 with FREE Shipping!

But, to take advantage of this special pricing, you must act immediately

Bonus #1

Instant access to the Printable Dry Fire Fit Cards

printObviously what you want is the professionally printed deck of Dry Fire Fit cards – since you can just put them in your pocket, glove box, backpack or laptop case and take them with you wherever you go.

However, with this bonus you’ll get a printable version of the cards so that you can print the drills off and start practicing immediatelythat way you won’t even have to wait for your real cards to arrive in the mail!

And, just so you won’t have any excuse about getting started today you’ll also get:

Bonus #2

sirt-product-red-mainA special discount code, from Next Level Training for SIRT laser training pistols.

Designed by the runner-up of Season 3 of Top Shot, Mike Hughes, this is the main training tool that we use in our studio and believe every shooter should have one, regardless of what training they do.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Special $17 pricing on Dry Fire Fit Cards that we’ll rush to you immediately!
  • Instant access to the bonus printable version of the drills, so you can start using them immediately.
  • It’s all backed by a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

Here’s what you do to order… Have your MasterCard, American Express or Visa ready and click the big yellow button below to continue and pick your quantity…

Today Only $17

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Special $17 pricing on Dry Fire Fit Cards that we’ll rush to you immediately!
  • Instant access to the bonus printable version of the drills, so you can start using them immediately.
  • It’s all backed by a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

Here’s what you do to order… Have your MasterCard, American Express or Visa ready and click the big yellow button below to continue and pick your quantity…

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regardless of quantity! (except for wholesale)


You’re Fully Protected By My
60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Look, there’s no question that you’ll see incredible results if you simply take a few minutes each day and use your Dry Fire Fit cards when you get them.

You’d have a hard time putting together this huge of a variety of affordable fitness based dry fire exercises that reinforce each other, are practical, and don’t take a ton of setup & tear down time to use.

Besides that, card decks are the most useful format to use for dry fire drills. They’re easier (and more fun) than using your computer, a DVD, or a book.

And ANYTHING you can do to make dry fire drills easier and more fun means you’ll practice more often and become a better shooter in a shorter period of time.

But I still understand that you might still have doubts. And that’s why I’m going to offer you a full money back guarantee.

After 60 days, if you’re not absolutely THRILLED with how much you’ve improved, simply send me your Dry Fire Fit Cards and I’ll refund your full purchase price.

How can I make that kind of guarantee?


Top Fighter Pilots Use Simulators,
Professional Fighters Do Shadow Drills…
And Elite Shooters Use Dry Fire.

These drills have been proven to work by the apex of elite shooters and the ONLY way that you won’t shoot better after getting Dry Fire Fit cards is if you make the choice to refuse to train.

And, actually, if you’re the kind of weak-willed person who might roll over, give up, not use the cards, and then say they don’t work and ask for a refund, then please don’t waste your time or mine by buying them in the first place.

But, since you’re the type of person who values firearms training enough to read this far, I think it’s safe to say that you and I are cut from the same cloth.

You are determined to become a better shooter, are willing to put in a few minutes per day, and wouldn’t pull hurtful shenanigans like that on a fellow shooter 🙂

Common Questions.

-Won’t Dry Fire Hurt My Gun?

Answer: Dry Fire Fit cards are designed to be used with an inert training platform like a SIRT, LaserLyte, Lasershot, blue gun, toy gun, or airsoft gun that’s been rendered incapable of firing projectiles. Do not use with a real firearm that’s capable of firing live rounds.

-I’ve trained with the best instructor at the best school in the world. Are you going to try to change my technique?

Answer: No. Dry Fire Fit Cards will not replace current techniques that you have. They are not dogmatic and if you’d compare them to a country, they’d most resemble Switzerland–everyone gets along with Switzerland. Dry Fire Fit Cards are designed so that every single instructor and school in the country can confidently sell them with the knowledge that the drills will help their students. In fact, I’m open to making custom decks for schools that are interested in having their branding and verbiage on the cards.

The purpose of Dry Fire Fit Cards isn’t to teach technique, it’s to help you take the best technique that you already know and help you develop neural pathways so that you can execute solid fundamentals (rather than spraying and praying) under stress in a 360 degree environment from unstable positions and while moving.

-I’m a newbie shooter. Will Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?
-I’m a special forces firearms instructor at the Special Warfare Center and School. How in the heck will your cards help a bad ass like me?

Answer: Dry Fire Fit Cards will help any shooter who wants to improve their speed, accuracy, and precision in a mobile 360 degree shooting environment. One problem with traditional dry fire training is that if you do the same dry fire training all the time, the mind learns to filter it out and the neural pathways don’t translate over to live fire.

The variety of exercises in Dry Fire Fit Cards and the multifaceted approach means that your mind will get enough variety to be stimulated and for growth to keep happening.

Dry Fire Fit Cards are designed to work best after a shooter has received SOME instruction from a qualified instructor…preferably an NRA, law enforcement, or military instructor with proper emphasis on safety and correct form.

This means that if you’ve trained at high end national schools like Frontsight, Gunsite, Suarez, Sig, ICE, Blackwater/Xe/Academi, Costa Ludas, Thunder Ranch, or any of the thousands of elite local trainers across the country, these cards will help drive home the lessons you paid to learn. Put another way, they’ll convert the techniques that you paid to learn and know in your head into skills that you can actually depend on under stress.

Fitness level

-I’m in horrible shape. Will Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?
-I’ve got nerve/muscle issues that cause the shakes. Will Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?
-I’m a world champion fitness guru. Will your Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?
-I have a non-functional/amputated limb. Will your Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?

Answer: Dry Fire Fit Cards are not dogmatic and users can alter the drills so that they are more or less challenging without compromising the benefits of the drills. As you find drills that work particularly good for you, I’d ask that you email them to me so that I can share them with others.

Every single person is going to have a performance ceiling. If you’ve got the shakes or are in your 80s and out of shape, your groups won’t be as fast, tight, and accurate as if you were in the best shape of your life, but the drills WILL still help you shoot better.

A lot of shooters that I know (my 77 year old mother included) can’t shoot as much as they like anymore because of hand and wrist pain, but still view their firearms as a primary self-defense tool. Dry Fire Fit is a perfect tool for people in this situation.

If you’re a fitness guru, think of these as the dry fire equivalent to workouts of the day.


-Are Dry Fire Fit Cards safe?
-Won’t I put a hole in my TV if I do dry fire?

In this day and age, nothing is safe. If you try to eat Dry Fire Fit Cards, you could choke, get indigestion, or some other crazy problem. You could get a paper cut from Dry Fire Fit Cards. If you roll a card up, you could probably shove it in your ear and do some pretty good damage. I’m not joking with these examples—simply highlighting how warped our society has become in regards to “safety” and blame. In short, they’re not safe and if that’s a concern, you probably shouldn’t buy them.

Using Dry Fire Fit Cards is another matter. By definition, dry fire training is responsible training with a weapon platform without any ammunition present or training, an inert weapon platform, or with a simulated weapon platform. You can still get hurt if you fall on it, trip and fall while doing a drill, etc. These drills are different than most dry fire drills. They include compromising positions, 360 degree movement, and drills that WILL push you to failure so you know your limits and can expand them. As a result, you CAN NOT use these cards with a firearm capable of firing live rounds. You MUST use an inert training platform and this, by definition, means that you can not have a negligent or accidental discharge.

Since these drills will push your limits on balance, strength, and joint stability, you must get approval from your medical professional before using them. You could easily get hurt if your mind/inner ear/body aren’t able to safely do the drills and it’s your responsibility to self-assess or work with your medical professional to assess your abilities. Don’t do any drills that you think could hurt you. You are responsible for anything that you do, including hurting yourself trying to do any of the drills.

When you order your Dry Fire Fit Cards, I’ll share a handful of quick resources with you for inert training platforms

Will you sell these to kids under 18/21?

The drills can be done with inert training platforms like blue guns, SIRTs, or even kinetic platforms like airsoft (with the approval and supervision of the parent).

Will Dry Fire Fit Cards work for revolvers?

Yes! The terminology used in Dry Fire Fit Cards is directed towards semi-automatic firearms shooters because that is what most people carry for self-defense purposes. Again, since the cards are fundamental and not dogmatic, they will work for revolvers as well as they work for semi-automatics.

Wholesale Ordering

-I’m an instructor and I want to give/sell Dry Fire Fit Cards to my students so they can retain the skills that I teach them after class. Can I buy cards at wholesale?

-I own a gun store/sporting goods store/internet store/gun show table and I’d love to sell Dry Fire Fit Cards. Can I buy cards at wholesale?

YES! We love our resellers and have a number of high quality physical products that you can profitably sell. Simply contact Evan at wholesale at (get rid of the spaces and replace “at” with @) and he’ll get you pricing.

What happened to Rick?

When Rick came to, he was looking up into the crying eyes of his wife and could hear sirens in the distance. She was talking with someone on her phone with one hand and holding her pistol in the other, scanning all around.

In short, she’d taken care of the problem. She wasn’t as good of a shot as Rick, but she was passionate about not being a victim, so her training didn’t stop with what she did on the range and in competition.

She focused on getting comfortable using her pistol in awkward situations and in a 360 degree environment.

Do you have more questions? If so, click the blue “questions” box in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Otherwise, click the BIG yellow “Add To Cart” button to order right now.

YES! I want to get better at fighting to my gun, moving while shooting from unconventional positions in a 360 degree environment AND transitioning to using my pistol as an impact weapon and take advantage
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Send me my Dry Fire Fit Cards!

Today Only $17

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Special $17 pricing on Dry Fire Fit Cards that we’ll rush to you as soon as the ink dries!
  • Instant access to the bonus printable version of the drills, so you can start using them immediately.
  • It’s all backed by a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

Here’s what you do to order… Have your MasterCard, American Express or Visa ready and click the big yellow button below to continue and pick your quantity…

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Firearms are designed to project force at a distance and are designed to break and destroy what they're pointed at. By visiting this site, you hereby agree not to use a firearm capable of firing projectiles with these drills...regardless of whether or not you think it's loaded.

You also agree to take responsibility for your actions and hold this site, the author, and anyone associated with the site or the author harmless for the use or misuse of the information that you find through the course of visiting this site or use of the cards.

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